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The Bumblebee School
In a small village, on the edge of the nature park „Aukrug“in Schleswig-Holstein, Marlina and Johannes found their new home after a long search. 
For years they had been dreaming and planning a house with a garden for themselves, their parents, a grandmother and their two children. 
An old schoolhouse dating from 1899 finally met all the requirements, and with the entire family, it is still being suitably renovated today. 
In keeping with the multi-generational idea, Marlina's parents built a house right next door with access to the shared garden. 
So the children can visit their grandparents at any time. This is a great joy for everyone. 
Marlina wanted a light apperance and found some of her decorations in skandistyle in Copenhagen. 
She even painted the walls, made a lot herself, like the curtains. 
The family is not finished with the big house yet, as they are coming up with new ideas. 
At the moment, the children's room is being renovated for the recently born daughter. 
At the same time as the renovation of their new home progresses, Johannes founded a company that sells animal supplies, 
especially bumblebees- and wild bees houses in a modern design. 

Photography: André Reuter
Styling: Miriam Hannemann
Number of images:  67
Season: Summer
Country: Germany
English text available on request
German Text available on request

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