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Autumn Retreat
Several times a year, Gabi and Christian commute between New York to the Schlei-Fjord in
Schleswig Holstein, Germany, to recover from their stressful job.
They are owners of a marketing agency in New York.
Here by the Fjord, they love the rural contrast to the hectic cosmopolitan city beyond the Atlantic.
About 4 years ago they have bought the thatched cottage and during the following 6 month,
they have restored the house completely.
During this time the two creatives always came up with new ideas.
The thatched cottage with its traditional red brick walls is typical for this region.
Inside the house there are modern amenities, such as a floor heating, a sensurround music system
in every room...
The bright interior style combines Scandinavian elements with Italian design.

Photography: André Reuter
Styling: Miriam Hannemann
Number of images:  44
Season: Autumn
Country of origin: Germany
English text available on request
German Text available on request
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