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A Designers Tiny Home
Sabrina is a very creative spirit, she works and designs successfully as an interior designer, graphic artist and artist. 
Five years ago she decided to move back to the Wendland in Northern Germany. 
This is where she was born, this is where she grew up, this is where she now wants to live again. 
For a long time she searched for a plot of land that would fit her ideas exactly and on which she could build a house according to her own designs.   
She found the perfect place for it in a very small village. 
Since a lot of time would be needed for the planning, permits and also for the construction, she had a wonderful idea to bridge this time in the best possible way. 
She organised two decommissioned office containers, joined them into one unit, gutted them completely, cut large window fronts into them and completely rebuilt them
with high-quality materials. She did most of the work herself. 
Wooden floors, historical doors, plastered walls and the colours of „Bauwerkcolor“ provide a cosy living feeling and a pleasant room climate. 
She then transformed the completely overgrown property into a white garden. 
Sabrina's creative and craftsmanship skills have created a place to live and work in a small space that leaves nothing to be desired, a perfect Tiny House.

Photography: André Reuter
Styling: Miriam Hannemann
Number of images:  75
Season: Summer
Country: Germany
English text available on request
German Text available on request

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