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The Architect´s Wooden House
A house, built and furnished in harmony with nature and its laws, stil elegant and modern.
Such a house is located near Lübeck.
The architect Alberto and the interior designer Margherita, designed it themselves.
Their house was built in the Vastu style. What Zen is to Japan and Feng Shui to China, is Vastu to India.
They show that organic living can also be very elegant, it can be modern, it can be everything, combined with what is good for people.
The Milanese chic of Margherita, the lots of white, the casual but homely accessories in this house show it to perfection.

Photography: André Reuter
Styling: Miriam Hannemann
Number of images:  61
Season: Spring
Country of origin: Germany
English text available on request
German Text available on request

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