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A Grand Family Portrait
A restored manor house, near Kappeln with a view over the Schlei-Fjord.
Alexander and Jeanette and their three sons live a modern country life with their horses and dogs.
This grand farmhouse is still in business and run by the owners for many generations.
The Home:
The Estate – originally founded 1660- is a fully restored historic residence of the family.  
The ground with its halfway intact moat shows even in the books the age of 1231.
Alexander is running the farm as a business while his wife Jeannette has turned,
with her excellent taste and knowledge as an art historian, the manorhouse into a warm family home with modern comfort.
The former blacksmith´s shop among other buildings have been also transformed into special scandinavian style holiday homes.

The Style:
A fully restored historical residence.
The goal was to safe the old and to integrate the new.
The entrance hall with its stairways was kept but pieces of contemporary art were added.
Jeanette has dared to change the color from darkbrown into a light grey by keeping the enormous Ballroom with its oakwood- carvings and the grand chandelier.
Now the bright Ballroom can still be used for family-events or to keep their golfing equipement.
The other livingrooms are used as receptionrooms, for reading or for watching TV.
All these rooms contain a mix of traditional antique and modern pieces.  
These are often geometrical furnished, in soft colors, giving a bright feeling of cozyness.
A well done example of a traditional manor house that has been converted into a modern country family home.

Photography: André Reuter
Styling: Miriam Hannemann
Number of images:  52
Season: Summer
Country: Germany
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