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Rustic Christmas
In 2000, Frank and Jutta Strauß have discovered this barn in the biosphere-reservation of the „Schaalsee“, a lake in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germany.
Here, they have built their own country hideway not only for weekends rather for typical German christmas holidays.
These festive traditions mix well with the whole rustic athmosphere.
Preparing for christmas:
Writing christmascards, opening the advent calender, inviting friends for christmas cake and for music-making,
wrapping gifts, baking apples, ice skating on the pond or going for long walks in the snow.
Finally lighting the real candles on the christmas tree.
The Home:
This old barn with it´s clay filled timber framed walls partially wood panelled is related to an old farm house
on a 3700 sqm property with a bakehouse, duck pond and a meadow with sheep.
Jutta and Frank have restored the barn with a lot of sense, even to manage the balancing act between the history of this barn with it´s handmade bricks on the floor and
integrating modern elements like the big sliding doors which allows you to have a look into the wide landscape, or the temporary technical standards.
There is also a small holiday apartment, which is rented out to guests.
The Style:
The furnishing is authentic, pure rustic and consistent historical.
Frank and Jutta have bought the historical furniture on flea markets or nearby dealers.
It was very important for them, to preserve the traces of usage.
When they have restored their finds they want them to be authentic in details.
The authentic concept contains:
Cast iron stoves, porcelain Lamps from a small british manufacturer (British Timeless Classics), traditional porcelain switches from Manufactum,
tea set from Wedgewood, cups from Emma Bridgewater and Casagent, bed linen from Lexington, candles from Droste Copenhagen,                                                      christmas-glass-bulbs from Grüne Erde, chairs and christmas trees out of paper from Riviera Maison, plaids and cushions from Marzotto, covers from TineK.

Photography: André Reuter
Styling: Miriam Hannemann
Number of images:  53
Season: Christmas
Country of origin: Germany
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German Text available on request
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